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Software-as-a-Service and Cyber Security Infrastructure

About Matheson Ventures

Matheson Ventures is dedicated to building world-class cloud-based enterprise software to solve business problems and open possibilities across a range of industries.

Our flagship product Skyfall is the platform that enables us to build and ship cloud-based enterprise applications quickly.


Introducing Halatheon

Halatheon provides full stack security infrastructure, covering Authentication, Access-Control and Auditing. Halatheon can be licensed as a stand-alone appliance for integration into your solution.

Halatheon is also the cyber-security engine that secures Skyfall - our SaaS platform.


Halatheon's plugin architecture allows for different authentication providers to be connected to the Halatheon infrastructure, enabling security administrators to define access rights and policies across heterogenous authentication sources.

Halatheon supports the following authentication providers:

  • LDAP
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter

Halatheon also includes the "UserBase" authentication provider which can be used when no provider already exists

Enhanced Authentication

Halatheon enables two-factor authentication to be added onto any authentication provider. For example using Halatheon you can connect OATH smartphone based 2FA tokens to Facebook-sourced user identities.

2FA technologies currently supported by Halatheon are:

  • Yubikey
  • OATH

Access Control

Halatheon implements policy-based access control, and supports the XACML standard for defining security policies. Our security policy editor makes it easy to define powerful access control policies while keeping the complexity of XACML under control.


Halatheon's audits every authentication and access event, and provides a secure audit log for forensic analysis when needed. Audit events are streamed through a complex event processing (CEP) pipeline where heuristic rules can be applied to identify and alert security administrators of potentially suspiscious activity.


Introducing Skyfall

The Skyfall platform makes it easy to build and ship Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based applications by taking care of all the plumbing and provisioning logistics that you dont want to think about when you're creating a business application.

Skyfall's key components are:

  • Tenancy
  • Marketplace
  • Billing
  • Security
  • Foundation Services


At the core of Skyfall is the concept of a Tenant. A Tenant is one organization or customer who have signed up to use applications that are hosted on Skyfall.

Tenants may self-register. If you direct market your applications you may also perform assisted setups on your customer's tenancies within Skyfall


Tenants subscribe to applications published into the marketplace by App Publishers.

As an App Publisher you may choose your pricing structure based on our standard user brackets. Pricing structures can either be by bracket, or can be pro-rated based on the actual number of users the Tenant has.


Skyfall's integrated billing module makes it easy for you to invoice your customers, or to bill them automatically through PayPal


Skyfall's security is based on our cyber-security product Halatheon.

Foundation Services

Whenever you're building a new application, there are numerous bits and pieces you need in order to be able to implement your business logic. Things like the ISO-3361 country codes, or the ability to dispatch notification email or SMS messages, or store files and generate thumbnails.

Skyfall provies a suite of these foundational services that take care of the basics and let you focus on the unique aspects of your application that set it apart.

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Feel free to email us to request a demo of Halatheon or Skyfall, or to discuss how we can help you accelerate your software-as-a-service application development.